Piezoskin in BENEFIT Project

Piezoskin is a partner of a consortium called BENEFIT (Benessere Nutrizionale e FIsico con Tecnologie indossabili), a project funded by Puglia region, within the Innonetwork call.


The final result of 2-years project consists on the development of a smart patch based on flexible piezoelectric technology, able to detect dysphagia symptoms and to help doctor to monitor patients in real time. 

The first part of the project was the design and the fabrication of the flexible piezoelectric transducer and its fabrication, by using completely biocompatible materials. The second part consists on clinical trials on volunteer patients thanks to the collaboration of the phoniatric medical division of the ASL Lecce.image 1

image 3

image 2

Press: https://www.scienzainrete.it/articolo/nanotecnologie-testimonianza-di-due-centri-deccellenza-puglia/anna-romano/2019-06-21


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